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"Oliver Bones is a young up and coming musician who we have had for three events now up here at Leigh Central.

Oliver has a great voice and has a wide range of styles that can suit many occasions. He can play on his own, but he also has a large circle of other musicians who he collaborates with when the event requires a bigger sound.

I have found Oliver excellent to deal with - he is energetic, positive, reliable, and gives everything to make the event a success.

We have used Oliver for a social event, a wedding, and a community dance - he was excellent at each of these events, so I highly recommend him."


Alan Macdonald, Leigh Central Ltd

“These guys are amazing! We had them for our wedding and they absolutely smashed it. They’re the first thing people bring up to us when we talk about our wedding. On top of that, they’re the nicest guys to boot. Book them, you won’t regret it!'“

Joshua Preston - Married man